The goal of TRANSTEM is to unlock, foster and sustain excellent basic and applied stem cell research as well as clinical application in MUV through the recruitment of an ERA Chair in stem cell biology. This goal will be strategically achieved by setting up a strong research group in the field, establishing a translational Department for Stem Cell Biology in MUV and placing MUV at the forefront of Research, Development and Innovation in stem cell and regenerative medicine research and therapies. TRANSTEM will specifically:

  • Enhance research organization and management in MUV by establishing a new and fully functional Stem Cell Biology Department and hiring an outstanding stem cell biology researcher and manager who will guide the transformation process and SCBD development.
  • Strengthen the scientific excellence in MUV in the field of translational stem cell biology via continuous development and regular evaluation of the new Stem Cell Biology Department, human resource capacity upgrade, trainings in research, bilateral exchanges with foreign research centers of excellence in stem cell biology, and study visits in bio banks abroad.
  • Increase the transfer of innovation potential of MUV and enable the translation of discoveries into new therapies and medical products which improve public’s health and generate new economic opportunities through the setting up of a knowledge transfer office, upgrading IPR strategy.
  • and fostering project and collaborations with biotech, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Enable regional socio-political development in the field of stem cell biology by generating regional support through open multi-stakeholder dialogue with social and political stakeholders, tackling policy bottlenecks and road mapping reforms in the Bulgarian research and innovation landscape.
  • Leverage existing and establish new collaborations to extend application and participation both in national operational programmes and international EU funded calls thus enabling major scientific advancements in the use of stem cells for public health.
  • Ensure widespread and effective communication and dissemination which raise awareness, foster interactions and maximise TRANSTEM’s impact at the regional, national and international levels.