Work Package 1

WP1 will concern the hiring of an ERA Chair Holder under the title of Head of Stem Cell Biology Department within the newly formed department of Stem Cell Biology (SCBD) under RI-MUV. The new appointee will be highly qualified in the field of stem cell biology, with proven managerial skills, leadership experience and track record.

Work Package 2

WP2 will focus on the ERA Chair team recruitment, including deciding on the composition of the team, designing the recruitment procedure, final selection and hiring. The WP will also include an onboarding plan as well as the scientific, HR, financial and administrative, dissemination organisation of the newly hired (and existing) employees of MUV into the new stem cell biology department under RI-MUV.

Work Package 3

WP3 will concern the implementation of structural changes in MUV in compliance with ERA priorities and reinforcement of team capacities to successfully participate in the ERA. SCBD’s strategy, scientific agenda and action plan will be fully developed, the work of SCBD will be regularly monitored.

Work Package 4

.The WP’s objective is to strengthen the scientific excellence in SCBD and MUV in the field of translational stem cell biology. This will be achieved by: 1.Unilateral and bilateral exchanges with foreign research centers of excellence; 2.Regular trainings sessions for MUV researchers, postdoctoral researcher and PhD students; 3. Conferences, congresses, symposiums and trainings for the ERA chair team and RI-MUV staff in the field of stem cell biology, IPR and innovation and project setting up and management

Work Package 5

The work package aims to encourage the regional growth, expansion and long-term development of novel stem cell biology research and therapies by engaging with doctoral students, non-MUV medical professionals, doctor and patient organisations and policy bodies. More specifically, the tasks include:

1. Attracting and training doctoral students in areas involving work on stem cell biology, 2. Training of other hospital medical staff in the area thus enabling the spread of the practice into other university and non-university hospitals at regional scale, 3. Doctor and patient organization collaboration, 4. Tackling policy bottlenecks and thus encouraging more widespread regional and political development in the area of stem cell biology, 5. Dialogue with policy makers to roadmap reforms in BG R&I system.

Work Package 6

The 6th WP aims to reinforce transfer of innovation and long-term collaborations through knowledge transfer activities with the healthcare industry, networking with key projects and organisations as well as initiating common national (incl. Structural funds) and international collaborative projects. WP leader: ERA Chair .

Work Package 7

The 7th WP will focus on implementing an effective strategy of communication and dissemination to highlight MUV’s R&I potential and achievements and to maximize its impact at the regional, national and international levels. The main aims are to: 1.Raise public and scientific awareness of the project; 2.Facilitate the interaction with scientific and non-scientific audiences, including the healthcare industry; 3.Ensure the proper dissemination and exploitation of the achievements of the project in the most efficient way. WP Leader: Ms Elitsa Drenska.

Work Package 8

WP8 aims at coordinating and validating the project development and results and ensuring that EC financial and administrative procedures are respected. The detailed objectives of the work package are to: 1. Ensure the optimal coordination of scientific, human and financial resources; 2. Optimize and ensure the integration between WP research activities; 3. Ensure the appropriate functioning and efficiency of the coordination, advisory and mentoring boards; 4. Ensure the timely and appropriate reporting to the EC. WP Leader: Prof. Igor Resnick.

D8.8 – Data Management Plan

Work Package 9

This work package sets out the ‘ethics requirements’ that the project must comply with.