On October 16, 2023 at the Medical University – Varna, a discussion was held between the research team of the TRANSTEM project and Prof. Stefan Dimitrov, the newly elected European Research Area (ERA) Chair at the Institute of Molecular Biology “Acad. Rumen Tsanev” of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia.

The ERA Chair from the TRANSTEM project Dr. Manlio Vinciguerra and Dr. Stefan Dimitrov work in a similar scientific field – epigenetics. This determines the common interests and opportunities for cooperation between the two teams. Topics for collaboration are cancer genetics and epigenetics, rare and neurological diseases. At the meeting, Dr. Vinciguerra and Dr. Dimitrov presented their main scientific interests, and members of the TRANSTEM team engaged in lively discussions with the guests. The meeting also opens the door to a wider institutional partnership, between the Medical University – Varna and the Institute of Molecular Biology.