Thanks to the TRANSTEM project, funded by the European Commission, a high-tech laboratory was equipped at Medical University-Varna for scientific purposes. The equipment includes a latest generation PCR analysis machine, protein readers, as well as a flow cytometry machine that is very precise in measuring cell surface markers in suspension. “With these advanced instruments, modern scientific research in the fields of protein biology, RNA biology and DNA biology can be carried out,“ explained Dr. Manlio Vinciguerra, ERA Chair of the TRANSTEM project.

The new equipment enhances the competitiveness of Medical University–Varna in research activities, allowing scientists to work in laboratory conditions corresponding to those in which scientists in Western Europe have been working.

Ten doctoral and post-doctoral students, together with their supervisors, have already been experimenting with the new apparatus as part of their research studies. “Interaction between scientists and medical doctors is of crucial importance for the development of ideas and making science,“ added Dr. Vinciguerra. The TRANSTEM project focuses on applied stem cell research and clinical application opportunities.