Associate professor Ilina D. Micheva has graduated in medicine at the Medical University-Varna. She has a specialty of Internal Medicine and Clinical Hematology.

Dr. Micheva has done her PhD study at the Department of Hematology, University of Patras, Greece, on: “The role of dendritic cells in hematopoietic defects in patients with Myelodysplastic syndromes”. She has been a researcher in several projects in the field of hematology, immunology, cell therapy, gene therapy, stem cell transplantation.

Since 2019, she is the Head of the Clinical Hematology clinic at University Hospital “St. Marina”, Varna and the Chairperson of the Department of Hematology at the Medical University – Varna. Since 2022 she is postdoctoral researcher at the Research Institute of the Medical University – Varna, Bulgaria. Her study is towards unravelling the mechanisms of hematopoiesis and understanding of the pathophysiology and treatment of blood disorders.


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